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Simon Cowell height

By Marina Gitman January 08, 2018 0 comments

Simon Cowell height

How tall is Simon Cowell? The reality star Simon Cowell is below average celebrity height. Simon Cowell height is 1.75 m which is just over 5'7 feet tall or 175 cm.

How tall is Simon Cowell

How tall is Simon Cowell

Fans say he looks taller on T.V and many are surprised to find out that Simon Cowell height is only 5'7. Most fans speculate that he is around 6 feet tall but many don't know about Simon Cowell shoe lifts. He uses them to appear taller but his real height is near 1.75 m which is 175 cm and makes Simon Cowell height just over 5'7 tall

Simon Cowell tv shows

Simon Phillip Cowell was born on October, 7 1959. He is a famous reality tv judge, entrepreneur and producer. Simon Cowell first started in the music industry by making record with shows like Power Rangers and World Wrestling Federation. After he was recognized for his musical talent he was given the role of being a judge for Pop Idol in 2001 and The X Factor in 2004. After the success of Pop Idol and The X Factor Simon Cowell developed a show called Got Talent which was seen around the world and had millions of viewers a week. Simon Cowell was recognized as one of the top entertainers of the year in 2004 dubbed by Entertainment Weekly. In 2007 Simon Cowell was featured on Forbes TV faces list for the number 3 spot and number 21 on Forbes Celebrity 100 power list.


Celebrity Height 

Fans think Simon Cowell height is natural while others claim to know about Simon Cowell shoe lifts. Celebrities are being exposed for height and many fans are wondering how they appear taller on TV or in movies. Lot's of them are using fashions secrets that are not known to the public until now. The truth has been uncovered that most of them are using height inserts to give them an extra 2 inches in height. This increases their chances to get most casting roles and gives them the edge in Hollywood. If you interested in gaining height to feel more attractive and confident purchase a pair of height inserts, just click the buy now button below: Height Inserts

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