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What do women want in a man

By Marina Gitman December 27, 2017 0 comments

What do women want in a man

What do women want in a man? Women look for many qualities when dating and having relationships with men. Some want inner beauty while others look for physical. 

Height and how tall he is compared to her

This is one of the most deciding factors for women when it comes to seeking a partner. Height plays a big role for women because they want to feel protected and safe. Generally they want a guy who is a head taller so they can wear high heels. Also men are perceived as more dominant if they are taller which women love.

Tall man

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Intelligence and smarts 

She wants a guy who can carry a conversation and show her that he is smart. Intelligence is one of the most desirable traits because it shows that he is open-minded, curious and willing to learn. A smart man also indicates that he is goal-oriented and has a structured life that women are attracted to. 

Smart man

Confidence and leadership 

These qualities are treasured because women want a man who has a grip on his life and is ready to take on the world. It shows he knows how to carry himself and is linked to having a good paying job because he is striving to be the top dog. Confidence is magnetizing and oozes sex-appeal since it means your secure with yourself which women love.

Confident man

Generosity and kindness

A man who gives back and does kind things means he will value any kind of relationship. He is willing to go above and beyond for his women which is a huge positive. Women hate arrogance and look for a man who will treat them with respect. Kind man

Good communication skills

Being a good communicator and listener is sexy. Women want a man who can talk about his feelings openly and express himself. Some of the best relationships are built on honestly communicating with your partner and women gravitate towards that.good communication 

Same interests  

If you share some of the same values, beliefs and hobbies women really appreciate that. Shows that you can find a common ground amongst each-other and enjoy more things as a couple.

Bike riding


Women just love a man who can make them laugh when they are going through hard times with light hearted humour. It conveys a good optimistic view of the world and someone who can lift you up when times are rough.

Man smiling

Friends and strong social life

If a man has many friends it proves that he is outgoing and fun to be around because others want to be part of his life. It's also a measure of how exciting a man is and women want someone who will bring out their extroverted side. Social life

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