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How to look taller

Dec 25, 2017 0 comments
How to look taller

How to look taller men. Guys can increase height by fashion to appear taller and gain confidence. Just follow these mens fashion style tips and tricks.

1. The best way to gain 2 inches is to use height inserts

Height inserts will give you a 2 inch height booster. You can wear them in all shoes and they fit all sizes.


2. Stand up straight and have good posture when walking.straight posture

Having good posture could stretch your limbs and give you height.


3. Get a haircut that is longer on the top so you can spike it up


A haircut that is styled upwards will make your face longer which can add a few inches to your overall height.

4. Try a skinnier tieSkinny tie

Skinnier ties give your body a more elongated look because the eye gets drawn up and down the body instead of left to right.


5. Get your stuff tailoredTailored suit 

Tailoring your outfits can be a huge game changer when it comes to making you look taller. A nice form fitting suit can give you the biggest impact.


6. Wear a hat                     


Wear a top hat, casual sports hat or any other kind to give you a few inches in height.


7. Wear V-Necks 


V-neck helps elongate the neck which gives the appearance of length.


8. Roll up your sleeves

Roll sleeves

Rolling up your sleeve and having a short sleeve shirt is a great lengthening effect of your limbs which makes you appear taller and more lean.

9. When wearing a jacket make sure to keep the waist button above your navelJacket

This will make your torso and legs look longer which will add height to your appearance. 

10. Go for dark colors T-shirt

Dark colors are perfect for slimming and lengthening since they hide shadows and make you look taller. 


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